Jewellery Care

All jewellery benefits from some love and care. Here are some suggestions that will help your jewellery piece to retain its beauty over time.
It is best not to wear your jewellery while showering, swimming, applying makeup and skincare products, doing strenuous exercise, and sleeping.

Sterling Silver
Sterling silver tends to oxidise over time as it comes into contact with oils in the skin, perfumes, chemicals and oxygen. This will cause a dulling or blackening on the surface of your piece. Try to store your jewellery in a cool, dry place, in a zip lock bag away from other jewellery.
Clean your silver jewellery with a silver cleaning cloth, or you can gently wash your pieces in warm soapy water, using a soft toothbrush or soft cloth. Dry completely before storing the item.

Gold Plating
Gold plated pieces are sterling silver with 18ct gold plating. The plating may wear over time, especially if exposed to oils in the skin, perfumes, chemicals and oxygen. Gold plated pieces are best stored individually wrapped in a tarnish proof bag or zip lock bag. The pieces can be wiped with a gold cleaning cloth to gently clean them. If you wish to refresh the look of your gold plated jewellery, please get in touch to arrange for a re-plating.